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What should I look for if I have a sewage backup?

If you experience sewage backups when you flush your toilet that then come up in the tub or shower, you could have a broken or clogged main sewer line. 

What causes sink holes?

Leaks in your sewer line will cause certain areas of your lawn to become oversaturated, resulting in sink holes.

Why is my toilet running?

You may just have some worn out parts, such as the flapper. But depending on what is running you may have a larger problem, such as excessive water pressure. 

What are early signs of plumbing problems?

There are many things you be aware of that may indicate plumbing issues. Things to look out for include smelling sewage, an abundance of fruit flies in one area, banging pipes when using fixtures, or reduced water flow. All these things and more can be signs of plumbing issues.

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