Sewer Relief Valve

Sewer Relief Valve Explained

The sewer relief valve’s only job is to keep sewage water from flowing back into your house (backflow). So let me explain what backflow is before we get ahead of ourselves.
Backflow is the reversed flow of water, and believe me when I say you never want backflow to happen because when it does, your sewage water comes out from your sink, tub, and toilets making a stinky mess.

Why Does Backflow Happen?

There are many different causes for backflow, but we will concentrate on stoppage. Stoppage happens when material gets caught up and builds a dam, and the water has nowhere else to go but back. Another common reason is bush or tree roots breaking through your pipes and forming a wall where build-up can occur, and again, your water starts backing up.

How To Prevent Backflow From Getting Into The House

The fix for this problem is relatively easy; it’s called a sewer relief valve. Sewer relief valves come in many styles, but all work on the same principle. When water starts backing up, the relief valve opens and allows the water to drain outside your home, keeping the inside unscathed. If you don’t have one installed, the best time to get one is before you have a backflow issue.