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Water Heater Repair & Maintenance



One of the least thought about appliances in the home, until it stops working, is the water heater.

Most people aren’t aware that a good practice to have is to run routine maintenance on any water heater; doing so will keep it running at peak performance and as long as possible.

Whether it’s draining your tank, checking the TPR valve, anode valve, or washing out the sediments, we have all the tools and knowledge to maintain your water heater.
Even if you own a tankless unit, maintenance will help keep it running strong and help its longevity. Contact us about maintaining your heater now.



Do you know how old your water heater is? Ten years old? 20 years old? More? Most water heater life spans are eight to twelve years. Anything past that, and you’re on borrowed time. Perhaps it’s time to think about replacing your heater or, at minimum, have a maintenance check-up. We can check your water heater and let you know our recommendation for maintenance or replacement. A water heater failer can cause lots of extra damage to your home; allow us to give you some peace of mind knowing your water heater is good to go.



Have you been thinking about upgrading your water heater? We can help. There are many factors to consider when thinking about changing to a new type of heater. Location, type, power requirements, cost, and other factors all play into what will be the best option for you. Let us help you figure the best way to address your needs without having to worry about being sold more than you need.

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