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Mike Testa Plumbing provides a complete list of home and commercial plumbing services in Marin County, California. Take a look at the list below to learn more about the services we provide for new and existing homes and businesses. For more details or to get a quote, give us a call at 415-479-0110.

Plumbing Services

New Construction Plumbing:

Our expert plumbers provide complete installation services to ensure your newly constructed home or business is outfitted appropriately. We provide dishwasher installation, pool heater installation, low flow toilet installation, garbage disposal installation, and complete plumbing system installation for new buildings.

Leaks, Clogs, and Repairs:

Plumbing problems can occur at any time. Mike Testa Plumbing takes care of any leaks, clogs or repairs to ensure the integrity of your system, including water heater repair and replacement, bathtub leak repair, toilet leak repair, removals for clogged kitchen sink or clogged bathtub drain, dishwasher leak repair, and more.

Inspections and Replacements:

Sometimes, the problem is not in your appliances or visible pipes, but in the system itself, such as main drain line problems or lateral sewer line problems. We inspect, replace, and repair pipes within your plumbing system to restore proper functionality. We will conduct a plumbing video inspection, gas line replacements, galvanized pipe replacement, and more to ensure your system is safe.



Complete Plumbing Services for:

  • Developers, contractors, businesses, homeowners, homeowners’ associations

Installation of complete plumbing systems on:

  • New homes, additions, remodels, apartments, office buildings, schools, industrial buildings, restaurants, special living facilities, tenant improvements

Repair, replacement, and installation of:

  • Sewer lines, water heaters, gas lines, drainage systems, sewer ejector systems, sump pumps, plumbing fixtures, water lines and re-pipes, tankless water heaters, hot water recirculating systems, backflow devices, pressure regulators, garbage disposals, faucets and valves

Special services:

  • Sewer and drain cleaning, video inspection of sewer and drain lines, backflow testing, leak detection, pipe location

Commercial Sales / Service:

  • Fully stocked with major brands

Green Plumbing Certified services:

  • Water audits, design and installation of gray water and rainwater catchment systems


Sink Repair

Payment Terms

Free estimates, fair and reasonable rates, senior discounts (65+, $10 discount per hour.) Jobs are billed on an hourly basis. Invoices are mailed following service. Payment terms are 30 days net.